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  • Pick a claw that is 1/2 inch longer than your bun or longer.

  • Most hair types do well with a regular sized 2-prong hairclaw (about 5.5-6" long). 

  • For thick heavy hair I would recommend a 3/4-prong hairclaw. The extra prong gives more support for those big twists! 

  • For thin silky hair I would also recommend a 3-prong hairclaw  (probaly a shorter one (about 4-5" long) because it holds more hair in your twists allowing for a better hold for that hair that likes to slip out of things! 

  • I also make little mini claws for half-ups, pigtails and for under hats.

  • If you would like a lightweight claw I can make a thinner one or if you have any other special requests just send me an email at

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