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natureshairclaws_working 1.jpg

I'm an off-grid, nature loving, farm chick living in the Idaho Panhandle mountains. When not milking the goats or weeding the garden, I am drawn to nature-creations.

Hairclaws (or hairforks if you prefer) have been a huge part of my life since my Mom started making them when I was a child. She taught me everything i know about making a perfect, curved, strong hairclaw - this knowledge is empowering!

I use local/exotic hardwoods and recovered antlers/horns. My homestead is 100% solar energy powered!


A bit shy but still eclectic, art festivals can be a challenge. My passion for my woodcraft overcomes my shyness. Like any artist, I delight when others appreciate my creations. 

2023 Art Festivals : to be announced

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